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By Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine
June 18, 2018
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Neck pain is a common condition affecting many people. Luckily, understanding this condition and what could cause it can help you know neck painthe best time to see your doctor. Find out more about treating neck pain and what it can mean for you with Dr. Michael Forman and Dr. Victor Pallares at Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Harlingen, TX and serving Cameron County, TX.

When does neck pain require a doctor? 
Sometimes, neck pain is mild and nothing to worry about, such as if you wake up with a “crick” in your neck which goes away on its own. However, if your neck pain begins affecting your daily life or becomes severe, it may be time to see your doctor. Before seeing your pain management doctor, try to keep a pain journal, listing the times of day the pain is better or worse, outside factors which may change the pain’s severity, and how your pain affects you on a daily basis.

What can cause neck pain? 
Thanks to its location on the body, the neck is susceptible to many different injuries and conditions. This means your neck pain can come from any number of physical issues, injuries, diseases, or disorders. However, some of the common causes of neck pain often include:

  • arthritis
  • injury
  • whiplash
  • herniated disc
  • degenerative disc disease
  • pinched nerves
  • fibromyalgia
  • meningitis

Treating Neck Pain in Cameron County
Treatments for neck pain depend directly on the cause of the pain, its severity, and your lifestyle factors. For example, pain from whiplash from a car accident may only require over-the-counter medications and physical therapy while neck pain from arthritis will require treating the underlying condition to help the neck pain it causes. Consulting with your pain management doctor is the best and most surefire way to ensure that your neck pain is managed effectively.

For more information on managing your neck pain, please contact Dr. Forman and Dr. Pallares at Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Harlingen, TX and serving Cameron County, TX. Call (956) 440-7246 to schedule your appointment with your doctor today!

By Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine
January 11, 2018
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A few aches and pains are a normal occurrence, but what should you do if you have severe, chronic pain that affects your life? The truth is chronic painthere are three different types of pain; fortunately, a pain management specialist can help. The specialists at The Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Cameron County, Texas want to share the facts about how to manage different types of pain. They have one convenient office location in Harlingen, Texas to help you feel better.

One type of pain, known as nociceptive pain, includes conditions like inflammation, sprains, fractures, burns and bruises. This type of pain is caused by stimulation of pain receptors known as nociceptors. When you have an injury to your body, it will stimulate these receptors, causing nociceptive pain.

A second type of pain known as neuropathic or nerve pain is caused by improper function or damage to the nervous system. Diabetic neuropathy, sciatica or nervous system disorders are examples of neuropathic pain.

Management of pain includes three approaches or levels which are:

Level 1, or basic pain therapies which include conservative, non-invasive treatments like rest, diet modification, exercise, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, meditation, stress management, and biofeedback training.

Level 2, or mid-level pain therapies which are slightly more aggressive than level 1 and can include transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, also known as a TENS unit, opioid medications, phototherapy or nerve blocks into affected areas.

Level 3, or advanced pain therapies which include surgical options, spinal cord stimulation, implantable drug pumps, or neuroablation to permanently block nerve signals

When you are in pain, you need to seek out the services of an expert in pain management. You need to call the pain management doctors at The Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine with their office in Harlingen, Texas. You deserve to live your life free of pain, so call today!

By Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine
November 17, 2017
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Don’t let pain tell you what you can and can’t do with your life.chronic pain

We all know that the moment pain sets in that it can be difficult to do just about anything else, and if you are someone who deals with chronic pain then you may find that more often than not your days are dictated by your ever-fluctuating pain levels. There are many reasons why people deal with chronic pain, and our Cameron County, TX, pain management specialists Dr. Michael Forman & Dr. Victor Pallares are here to provide some ways to reduce your discomfort.

From osteoarthritis to depression to cancer, there are so many conditions and issues that can lead to persistent and often widespread pain. Depending on the cause of your pain, our Cameron County, TX, pain doctors will be able to create a customized treatment plan that will cater to you and your needs. This treatment plan may include prescription medications and painkillers while other medications may be used to treat the condition and lessen your pain symptoms.

We also offer nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation, Phototherapy and other regenerative medicine options for treating certain forms of severe pain.

However, we know that taking medication isn’t the only way to address your pain. In fact, a lot of little everyday things that you do could end up impacting your symptoms. Here are some easy changes you can make to your everyday life to make living with chronic pain easier.

If you smoke then you’ve probably been told how bad it is for your health; however, if your pain stems from circulatory issues then you will certainly want to ditch this habit to the curb (and fast). As you may be able to tell, smoking will not only increase your risk for lung cancer and other serious health problems but it can also make pain worse.

While some people may find solace in alcohol thinking it will dull their pain, this is actually a bad idea. Alcohol impairs and affects the quality of your sleep. While you may end up falling asleep fast after a couple drinks the sleep you will have under the influence is not nearly as restorative. As we all know, getting enough quality sleep is important for improving your chronic pain.

Being stressed can also make pain worse. Finding ways to combat your stress and anxiety is important and it’s a good idea to try out different outlets to help, whether it’s taking a yoga class, trying a new hobby or meditating. Choose an enjoyable activity that helps reduce your stress and make sure to schedule it into your daily life.

Here at The Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Harlingen, TX and serving Cameron County, TX, we don’t think that pain should win. You should enjoy life pain-free. If you are ready to do something about your chronic pain symptoms then it’s time you gave us a call.

By Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine
October 03, 2017
Category: Pain Management
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Don’t let knee pain keep you from what you want to do most in life.knee pain

It’s amazing how quickly chronic pain can take over your life. Before you used to experience knee pain, it was easy to get up and go out for your morning run or head to the gym for a pre-work workout. Of course, you may now be having difficulty just walking around let alone walking up stairs or pounding the pavement in any way. If this sounds like you, our Harlingen, TX, pain management doctors - Dr. D. Michael Forman & Dr. Victor Pallares - are here to tell you how they could help you manage your knee pain.

There are many factors that can lead to knee pain, whether it’s from a sports-related injury, arthritis, being overweight or from simple overuse. If you are experiencing knee pain that is severe or doesn’t get better after a few days, this is a reason to visit our Harlingen pain doctors for an evaluation.

In order to provide effective treatment options, we need to first pinpoint the cause of your pain. For minor injuries or conditions we may first recommend more conservative options such as:

  • Ice therapy or heat
  • Over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers or anti-inflammatories
  • Phototherapy (a new noninvasive therapy)
  • Elevating the leg
  • Limiting activities
  • Stretching and strengthening exercise
  • Physical therapy/rehab

While the RICE method may work for some people with knee pain, there are instances in which patients are dealing with such life-altering discomfort that these non-invasive treatment measures just don’t cut it.

When this is the case, severe pain and inflammation can also be addressed with more aggressive options such as corticosteroid injections, and nerve blocks.

Don’t let knee pain affect your quality of life. The pain experts at The Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Harlingen, TX, are here to help. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

By Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine
July 17, 2017
Category: Pain Management
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Many people experience pain due to an injury or accident at some point during their lives, but that pain usually goes away in time. OthersPain Management struggle with persistent pain for years. If you have been dealing with chronic pain and have found no relief, known that there are pain management therapies to help you deal with your pain. At The Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Michael Forman & Dr. Victor Pallares are your Cameron County, TX, pain management experts. They will develop a pain management treatment plan specific to your needs.

Types of Pain

Pain can be experienced in different parts of the body and can be acute or chronic. Acute pain often occurs following a minor accident or injury, such as twisting an ankle. Acute pain typically goes away after a short period of time as the injury heals. Chronic pain, on the other hand, can persist indefinitely. It might last several months to several years. Fortunately, the specialists at The Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine can develop a treatment plan to ease discomfort and help you deal with your chronic pain. Therapies are available for treating all types of pain, including:

  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Join pain
  • Knee pain
  • Leg pain
  • Shoulder or arm pain
  • Severe headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer-related pain

Treating Pain

Methods for treating pain will vary depending on the type and severity of pain. Therapies for treating basic pain include rest, non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, exercise and stress reduction. Mid-level pain can be treated with steroid injections, electrical nerve stimulation, nerve blocks, and thermal procedures such as radiofrequency.

If you are experiencing persistent chronic pain, there are therapies for dealing with pain. For pain management in Cameron County, contact The Optimum Pain and Regenerative Medicine to schedule an appointment with Dr. Forman or Dr. Pallares. Call (956) 440-7246 for the Harlingen office.

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